Astrology Readings

Randy Goldberg LMT approaches astrology from a mythic Jungian perspective, using both Western and Indian Vedic systems. He is a former yogic monk, who studied for two years in Calcutta. He traveled around the world studying the healing arts for 10 years.

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Craniosacral Massage

Randy Goldberg uses a combination of massage modalities tailored to each client’s needs, and specializes in Craniosacral massage therapy, operating out of Silver Spring, MD. He is a former Yoga monk who spent 10 years traveling around the world studying the healing arts,

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Family Constellation Therapy

A Powerful, Caring Way to Heal Unresolved or Challenging Issues in Your own Life and Family

Imagine a constellation in the sky – a grouping of stars that depicts your ancestors. Each star has an invisible string of energy connecting one to another and to you.

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